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Security Systems

With state-of-the-art technologies in access control, surveillance, and a diverse range of communications systems that enables systems integration over IP networks, Traffic Tech deliver complete security solutions for businesses, government establishments, and traffic & transport systems.

Our subsidiary company, Traffic Tech for Security Systems, is an approved contractor of the Qatar Ministry of Interior (MoI).

Take advantage of Traffic Tech’s Strength and Experience:

  • Expertise in design and systems integration backed by over two decades of experience.
  • Employs more than 70 highly qualified cross disciplined engineers.
  • Implemented large scale security system projects in various types of establishment and in traffic surveillance applications.
  • Bosch certified partner. Our engineers are trained and certified in installation and systems integration of Bosch security system products.
  • Equipped with in-house capability to supply, design, and install a wide range communications equipment that strengthens our systems integration scope.

We offer a wide range of security systems that includes:

  • Access Control Systems
    • Network/Stand Alone Access Control Systems
    • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Systems
    • Biometric Finger Print Systems
    • Speed Gates, Turn Stiles, Revolving Doors
    • High Security / Anti Terrorist Access Control Systems
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems
    • Digital Video Over IP Network
    • Remote Video over ISDN & GPRS
    • Conventional Analog Video
    • Digital In-Car Video System for Police Applications
    • Smart Eye – Portable pan-till-zoom camera system
  • High Security/Anti-Terrorist Access Control Systems
    • Road Blockers, Bollards
    • Under Vehicle Surveillance System
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) System
    • SmartANPR™ & SmartPARK™
  • Automatic Container Code Recognition System (ACCR)

Access Control Systems

Choose from a variety of access control systems. From networked to stand alone, RFID to Biometric Fingerprint systems that provide time and attendance management, we sure have the right solution for you.

Our key advantage is our systems integration capability that allow us to retrofit our solutions in your site, and/or integrate it into a central management system to achieve overall access control of your facility.

Speed Gates

Ideal for high profile applications, Speed Gates are designed to provide optimum access control function, in an elegant and discreet manner.

  • Incorporates all the advantages of an optical turnstile with a physical barrier.
  • Retractable clear panels are simultaneously unobtrusive to an authorized user and an insurmountable obstacle to an intruder.
  • Equipped with safety features including emergency opening of panels in case of power failure (or other emergency) to allow unimpeded and rapid exit


Traffic Tech offers a complete range of turnstiles that can be used for interior or exterior applications and can be integrated with any access control system.

  • Full-Height Turnstile
  • Waist-Height
  • Half-Height

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

For access control system that requires long range identification, RFID system is the solution. This system provides secure automatic identification for people, drivers, and vehicles.

  • Driver Based Identification - Long range driver identification ensures that a vehicle can never get access to a secured area unless occupied by an authorized driver.
  • Vehicle Based Identification - Automatic long range identification of a vehicle from distances up to 10 meters (33 feet) even when a vehicle is traveling at high speed.
  • Handsfree Access - Handsfree solution for secure long range door access   up to 4 meters (12 ft).

Biometric Fingerprint System

Using each person's unique fingerprint, this system can be used for access control of high security area such as financial institutions, military installations, laboratories and apartments on centralized management over TCP/IP without using card or key.

Some applications include:

  • Central access control system
  • Time and attendance system for offices and factories.
  • Access control by security level (i.e. laboratories, banks, etc.)
  • Integration with automatic doors, gates, turnstiles, and barriers.
  • For hotels, can be used for access management of facilities (gym, spa, etc.).

High Security / Anti Terrorist Access Control Systems

Traffic Tech has a wide range of access control systems for high security / anti terrorist applications. We provide solutions that protect high risk areas from unwanted vehicle penetration and surveillance systems that limits possible entry of bomb carrying vehicles.

Rising Road Blockers

Prevent entry of unwanted vehicles with crash tested rising road blockers that provide high level of security at all times.

We offer various types of crash rated road blockers that can withstand heavy vehicle impact even at high speed.


Protect your facility with rising or stationary bollards. Depending on the application and requirement, we offer bollards that can be customized to suit aesthetic requirements.

We offer bollards that are crash tested and can withstand heavy vehicle impact even at high speed.

Rising Road Blockers & Bollards’ can be used for high security
establishments that include:

  • Airports
  • Embassies
  • Banks
  • Government Institutions
  • Military Camps
  • And more…

Under Vehicle Surveillance System

Search vehicle undercarriage safely and effectively to spot hidden items such as…

  • explosive devices,
  • firearms,
  • drugs and contraband,
  • or even a hidden person

Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS) captures underside vehicle image of moving vehicles up to a speed of 30Km/hr.

This system is ideal for…

  • Border Crossings
  • Government Buildings
  • Embassies
  • Military Camps
  • Airports / Seaports
  • Penitentiaries / Prisons
  • VIP residences
  • Shopping Malls
  • Exhibitions & Events
  • And other high risk areas

UVSS is available in…

Static Model   Mobile Model


  • Vehicles can travel over the UVSS at a speed of 30Km/hr resulting in high vehicle throughput.
  • High resolution color image for accurate inspection and object identification.
  • All weather operation in day or night.
  • Automatic image matching enables the system to automatically recognize and display differences to an already archived image along-side that of the current image.
  • Can be integrated with other access control/surveillance system (i.e. Automatic Number Plate Recognition).
  • Capable of utilizing two scene camera at a time. This feature provides an external image of the vehicle, along with the optional integration of Automatic Number Plate Recognition system.

CCTV Systems

Traffic Tech is MoI approved and provides leading edge surveillance technologies in traffic management , ITS, and security markets.

Smart Eye

The Smart Eye is a portable & automated pan-tilt-zoom camera system for displaying real time video or still images remotely.

Developed by Traffic Tech, this system uses solar powered trailers and wireless communications for maximum portability and mobility.

Smart Eye can be adapted to various applications such as:

  • Work zone traffic management system
  • Incident management
  • Visual verification of on-site weather conditions
  • Law enforcement & security applications


  • Solar powered trailers for maximum portability and mobility.
  • Integrates video over IP technology and state-of-the-art wireless communications LAN/WAN technologies.
  • Integrated System: all components work as one system.
  • Allows remote pan-tilt-zoom control of the camera.
  • Can work as a stand alone system of can be integrated with other ITS systems.
  • Fast & easy set-up. Can be installed on site by one person.

Click here to download brochure.

Video Over IP Camera Surveillance Systems

Traffic Tech is a certified partner of Bosch Security Systems in the Middle East. Our engineers are trained and certified by Bosch and this enables us to integrate state-of-the-art IP based surveillance systems in a wide range of applications that include:

  • Traffic monitoring & surveillance
  • Parking facility surveillance
  • Surveillance system for secured areas such as:
    • Banks, commercial buildings, airports, TV stations, universities, and more…

Traffic Tech has implemented dozens of large scale CCTV systems in the region including a city wide traffic monitoring & surveillance systems in Doha-Qatar.

CCTV Control Room

Traffic Tech also designs, supplies, and installs a complete surveillance control room system.



Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) System

Traffic Tech was the first to develop an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) System with the capability to read Arabic number plates and characters at high accuracy.

ANPR is a technology that provides automated access on number plate contents, extracting numbers and alphabets within a fraction of a second, and converts it to a computer recognizable format.

Our ANPR System is a 24/7 working solution that works with full options even when servers and networks are down.

Traffic Tech SmartANPR™ Solutions

Key Configurations:

  • Free Flow Mode – Suitable for logging / monitoring of vehicles passing through law enforcement check points.
  • Parking Mode – Provides additional security feature for Parking Management Systems.
  • Mobile Mode – For police cars or other law enforcement authorities. Mobile ANPR for surveillance.


  • High accuracy rate for Arabic (GCC) license plates.
  • Captures license plate information of moving vehicles up to a speed up to 200km/hr.
  • Database of black list vehicles (i.e. stolen) can be uploaded into the system to facilitate surveillance & monitoring function.
  • Can work as a stand alone system of can be integrated with other systems.
  • Remote operation monitoring from any place over a local area network.
  • Reports can be generated for future security use / review.

Click here to download brochure.


In Free Flow or Mobile Mode, SmartANPR™ can be used for a various traffic monitoring, surveillance, and law enforcement applications that include:

  • Freeway border control
    • Automates number plate recording of vehicles crossing country borders.
    • Speeds up overall immigration processing time that reduces vehicle queuing.
    • Monitoring of hot/stolen vehicles crossing borders.
  • Highway security surveillance
  • Point to point speed enforcement
  • Mobile patrolling / surveillance of stolen vehicles.


In Parking Mode, SmartPARK™ can be integrated with a Parking Management System to provide vehicle security features for paid and/or secure parking.

  • Tracks entry of unwanted vehicles in secure parking facilities such as airports and government offices.
  • At the exit of a paid parking facility, parking tickets can be crossed checked versus the vehicle captured in the ANPR system. This prevents a parker from exiting the facility with a different parking ticket.
  • In case of lost parking ticket, operator can easily track entry time of vehicle to identify exact amount to be paid.
  • For season parker membership using transponder cards, ANPR helps ensure that the card is only used by the registered vehicle in the membership system.

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