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Remote Traffic Microwave Sensor (RTMS)

Traffic Tech is an authorized distributor of the RTMS® G4™ Remote Traffic Microwave Sensor.


The non-intrusive, radar-based RTMS® (Remote Traffic Microwave Sensor) G4™ is an advanced sensor for the detection and measurement of traffic on roadways. It is all-weather accurate and virtually maintenance-free. Best of all, RTMS is renown for long-term, worry-free reliability.

The RTMS G4 is a small roadside pole-mounted radar, operating in the microwave band. Simultaneously, the sensor provides per-lane presence as well as volume, occupancy, speed and classification information in up to 12 user-defined detection zones. Output information is provided to existing controllers via contact closure and to other computing systems by serial port, IP communication port or by an optional radio modem. A single RTMS can replace multiple inductive loop detectors and the attendant controller.

The G4 combines a high resolution radar and a variety of communications options including wireless solutions all in a single enclosure. This sleek cabinet free detection station is simple to integrate into any system whether urban signal control or highway traffic management.


  • Mid-block detection for intersections (system,advance detection)
  • Freeway traffic management and incident detection systems
  • Traveler information and travel time
  • Ramp metering
  • Queue detection
  • Work zone safety systems
  • Permanent and mobile traffic counting stations
  • Loop replacement (single or dual loop emulation)

Download Remote Traffic Microwave Sensor (RTMS) brochure here

Download Wide Area Traffic Event Reporting (WATER) brochure here

Download Node Event Warning System (NEWS) brochure here

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