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Preformed Loops

Preformed Loop Detectors are designed for installation into hot asphalt overlay, concrete overlay, cut-in, or as a temporary above ground "stick-on" loop detector. Preformed Loop provide cost-effective, reliable installation in harsh environments.


Preformed Loop cable has multiple application, e.g. road crossings (with traffic lights), highways, car parking, traffic counting systems, speed detection etc.

Features & Benefits of Preformed Loops:

  • 10-15 year manufacturer 's warranty on Preformed Loops
  • Factory dimensioned to avoid costly mistakes
  • Factory assembled for number of turns and wire gauge
  • Wires protected by high pressure / temperature conduit
  • Entire conduit injected with water blocking material
  • Faster installation means increased overall job efficiency
  • Excellent detection capabilities.

Feeder Cable (6x2x1.2mm)

Cable Structure:

The cable will has stranded plain copper conductors of 1.2 mm (7x0.47 mm) nominal cross-section with PVC insulation. Insulated conductors are twisted in pairs and pairs are individually screened with an aluminum tape copolymer coated on one side. Under the aluminum tape a tinned copper earth wire ( of 0.5mm nominal cross-section ) will be applied. Each pair will be wrapped ( over the screen ) with a synthetic tape and after all pairs will be stranded together to form the cable core. The cable core will be wrapped with a synthetic tape and sheathed with a grey colored PVC compound.

Detection Loop Cable

Detection Loop Cables are designed for installation into cut-in Slots.


The detection loop cable is easy to install, by choosing a provided by the XLPE insulation. The very small water-permeability and high insulation-resistance guarantee reliability and durability by minimizing the risks of leakage currents to the road surface.


Detection loop cable has multiple applications, e.g. road crossings (with traffic lights), highways, car parking, traffic counting systems, speed detection etc.

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