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Mobile Traffic Signalization Systems

Mobile Traffic Signalization Systems from Swarco Futurit are mobile traffic signs used on roads or attached to vehicles. LED Warning Trailers are used to call drivers’ and all other traffic participants’ attention to specific road and traffic conditions.

Due to excellent visibility of the trailer signs, safety on the roads is significantly improved. The trailers warn drivers of special driving conditions, such as construction works, obstacles, traffic jams, and changes in traffic regime at certain road segments such as speed limit, road narrowing, etc. High intensity LEDs and proper processing of the front board ensure good visibility at all weather conditions.

Product Range

  • Complete Warning Trailers
  • Road Maintenance Vehicles
  • Mobile VMS (Variable Message Signs)
  • Mobile Car Displays

Key Benefits

  • Excellent quality and durability
  • Highest reliability
  • User-friendly operating program
  • Vibration resistant design
  • Low energy usage and low operating costs
  • Display control via centralized software adjusted to your communication requirements (GPRS, GSM, Ethernet, DECT, WLAN, RS485, RF, Wireless…)
  • High quality LEDs in various colors, with adequate viewing angle
  • Resolution in accordance with international standards
  • Display operation from the central PC as well as directly via palm or keyboard
  • Modular approach and thereby highest flexibility
  • Automatic regulation of luminance ensuring good visibility at all weather conditions
  • Accurate information reports to the control center using simple integrated cameras

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Road Maintenance Vehicles
and Warning Trailers
Mobile VMS
M-Spot Mobile Car Displays

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