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Guard Against Over-height Vehicles in Doha

22 February 2014

Traffic Tech (Gulf) recently completed the installation of an Over-Height Vehicle Detection System (OVDS) at the Duhail Interchange of the Doha Expressway, a project commissioned by the Qatar Public Works Authority (Ashghal) to safeguard a bridge on the interchange that has been susceptible to numerous over-height incidents since it was constructed.

The OVDS has been installed on three critical approaches of the interchange where it detects vehicles that exceed the maximum allowable height of 5.5 meters. When an over-height vehicle is detected, its driver is alerted of the impending danger by an audible sound while two (2) full matrix variable message signs (VMS) provide visual warnings and directs the driver to the designated exit. In addition, through the integration of the system to SCATS, the traffic signal of the approach where the over-height vehicle is headed will be automatically switched to red. These measures prevent the vehicle’s passage towards the bridge of the interchange.

The system is monitored 24/7 from the Traffic Control Center located at the Ashghal Headquarters. Operators at the control room are notified of an over-height alarm through an audible sound while two CCTV pan-tilt-zoom cameras on-site provide automatic live feed on the approach where an over-height vehicle is headed. The operators keep an eye on the over-height vehicle until it heads through the designated exit. The operators then switch the traffic control back to normal operation once the alarm is cleared. Otherwise if the over-height vehicle does not proceed to the designated exit, the operators will contact the Traffic Department of the Ministry of Interior to refer the incident for appropriate action.

Traffic Tech was also contracted to operate and maintain the Duhail OVDS for two years. Meanwhile Over-height Vehicle Detection Systems will eventually increase in Qatar as Ashghal is currently reviewing the need to install them on a number of interchanges.

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