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Ashghal (Public Works Authority) Honors Traffic Tech

25 November 2013

Sixty people from Traffic Tech (Gulf) were honored by Ashghal for the fast track completion of the traffic flow improvement project along Al Corniche Street in Doha. Senior Ashghal officials including president Mr. Nasser Bin Ali Al-Mawlawi and director of infrastructure affairs Mr. Jalal Yousef Al-Salihi led the honoring ceremony where Traffic Tech, along with three other contractors and other government officials, were awarded.

Traffic Tech’s received the company’s award and certificate of appreciation while other employees including supervisors, engineers, and laborers each received gifts from Ashghal.

In a statement issued by Mr. Al Mawlawi days after the early completion of the project, he said, "this achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the collaborative efforts of Ashghals’s team and its contracted companies who worked day and night for three months to complete the Corniche project in the most efficient way possible".

The Corniche and surrounding roads project involved the signalization of 11 intersections. The project saw the implementation of much safer signalized pedestrian crossings, extra lanes at intersections to ease U-turns and left-turns, and most importantly the linking of all the new signalized intersections to the city’s SCATS urban traffic control system to ease the flow of traffic through real-time adaptive traffic signal operation. Traffic Tech (Gulf) was responsible for the traffic signal works while the company’s subsidiary, Mega E&M Trading and Contracting, did majority of the street lighting works which was also a part of the project.

"It is a great honor to be recognized by Ashghal for our contribution in the conversion of roundabouts and junctions into signalized intersections along Corniche which was completed six weeks ahead of schedule", said Traffic Tech. "The project was quite a challenge that we met with great competence mainly due to the hard work, dedication and exceptional technical capabilities of our staff", he adds.

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