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Traffic Tech Received Two Prestigious Awards in Jordan

24 October 2009

The Greater Amman Municipality in Jordan has named Traffic Tech Middle East the “Best Supplier of Engineering Equipment” for the period of 2005-2008 and awarded Traffic Tech’s Amman Traffic Control Center Project as “Best Urban Project” for 2008. Traffic Tech was the only company that was awarded in both categories.

Greater Amman Municipality officials witnessed the awarding ceremony as Mr. Husam Musharbash, Traffic Tech’s President and CEO, received the awards from the Mayor of Amman-Jordan, Mr. Omar Maani.

The winning urban project was for the design, systems integration, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of a Central Traffic Management System that included; (1)the Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System ( SCATS® ) connecting 96 signalized intersections to a central computer via digital VPN communications, (2) a citywide CCTV Traffic Surveillance System connecting 40 IP based video cameras, and (3) a central control room for the whole system

The project was recognized as it benefited Amman in many ways. SCATS® improved traffic flow, reduced travel times, and helped reduce vehicle emission across the city. Providing an adaptive mode coordinating traffic signal phasing of multiple intersections, SCATS® automatically monitors traffic at all approaches and adjusts cycle times, green splits, and offsets every cycle to suit current conditions. The CCTV System on the other hand has provided real time traffic and incident monitoring that helped authorities enhance traffic management throughout the city. The CCTV recordings also proved invaluable when investigating incidents.

"I am honored to receive these awards, which rightly belongs also to all our staff here in Jordan who contributes to the success of every single project that we implement," said Mr. Musharbash. "These significant honors reflect our commitment in providing integrated systems that promote safe and optimized operation in transport systems" he further adds.

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