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Traffic Tech Group Joins the Circle of Winners at the Prestigious 2009 Gulf Traffic Awards

10 December 2009

Traffic Tech Group has added yet another crowning achievement to its history. The company received  the Innovation in Transport – Traffic Management Award for its Central Traffic Management System Project in the recently concluded  Gulf Traffic 2009 Conference in Dubai. In a press release issued by the organizers of the Gulf Traffic Awards, it was reported that the project’s excellent demonstration of innovation along with benefits it has delivered in keeping traffic moving, saving lives and cutting emissions, were the judges’ consideration in giving the award.

Traffic Tech Group’s President and CEO, Husam Musharbash, proudly received the award from Anthony Pearce, Honorary Director General of the International Road Federation and also a member of the panel of judges. “After learning that innovation, functionality and environmental impact were the criteria for this award category, we did not hesitate to nominate our Central Traffic Management System Project in Amman-Jordan”, said Mr. Musharbash. “We dedicate this award to our hard working employees in Jordan, as well as to the Honorable Mayor of Amman, Mr. Omar Maani, and other Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) Officials, who have trusted the services and expertise of Traffic Tech Group and made us a part of  Amman’s transport infrastructure development.”

The project included the connection of 96 intersections to a Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System (SCATS®). This system operates in a real time adaptive mode by automatically monitoring traffic at all approaches to intersections and adjusting cycle times, green splits and offsets every cycle to suit current conditions. It also provides an adaptive green wave at successive intersections to reduce the number of stops. The project also included the installation of 1,200 inductive loop detectors, as well as 40 PTZ dome cameras at critical intersections for real time traffic surveillance and monitoring. A control room has been equipped to manage all operations centrally, with plans to turn the building to a full fledged Transportation Control Center in the future. In the absence of a fiber optic network, an innovative approach was devised to operate both the real time traffic signal control and the CCTV cameras on a single 512Kb digital VPN line per intersection  leased from a local telephone company.

The Amman SCATS® has resulted in measurable improvements in traffic flow within the city and has proved to be a valuable tool with regard to getting traffic data in real time and improving traffic management strategies. In terms of economic impact, road users’ benefit on less travel time on their daily commute and gain significant savings on vehicle operation costs.

Traffic managers on the other hand became more capable in monitoring traffic and incidents in real time from a well-equipped control room, thus making their job far easier and shorten their response time to incidents on the road. With a city wide adaptive traffic signal system that reduces motorists’ travel times and number of stops, harmful vehicle gas emission in the environment have also been reduced.

It is noteworthy to mention that the Greater Amman Municipality had earlier recognized Traffic Tech’s achievement in successfully implementing this project by awarding it the Best Project Award 2008. With this new award, Traffic Tech can now be recognized as a globally renowned solutions provider in the traffic industry.

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